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Filing a Sealed Federal Lawsuit Alleging Fraud Against The Government

Whistleblowers who expose fraud play a vital role in protecting taxpayer funds. Their allegations of waste, fraudulent activities and other alleged violations of the law can expose numerous instances of fraud against the government. But many people call hotlines or make other complaints about fraud that do not entitle them to any reward in the event of recovery. A detailed formal lawsuit must be filed under seal by an attorney for a whistleblower to be entitled to any recovery.

One powerful tool available to whistleblowers is filing a qui tam lawsuit under the False Claims Act (FCA). Qui tam actions allow private persons to bring legal action on behalf of the government and potentially receive a portion of any recovered funds. Taking action through a qui tam lawsuit can help ensure accountability and protect taxpayer dollars.

With nearly 50 years of working in Wisconsin and across the United States, Cross Law Firm, S.C. is a nationally acclaimed firm with a track record of successfully advocating for whistleblowers and ensuring their protection under state and federal laws.

Examples Of Fraud Against The Government

Companies and individuals may attempt to defraud the government in numerous ways such as:

  • Waste, such as billing for unused supplies
  • Abuse, such as providing services without medical necessity
  • Bribery, such as in military contracts, or kickbacks
  • Collusion to defraud the government
  • False billing, including upcoding & billing for services not provided, or padding time
  • Double billing, including unbundling
  • False certifications by providing knowingly false data in patient records or other data supporting claims for payment by the government
  • Kickbacks of anything of value, including non-monetary items, services, or preferential treatment
  • Price fixing
  • Bid rigging and failure to comply with Truth in Negotiations Act (TINA) when negotiating with the government
  • Grant fraud
  • Embezzlement of government funds
  • Falsely certifying compliance with government regulations for payment, such as collecting co-pays, staffing requirements, calculation of therapy services

Fraud endangers the integrity of government institutions, undermines social order and diverts taxpayer funds away from their intended purposes ultimately harming society as a whole. Whistleblowers, whether they come from within a federal agency or elsewhere, play an important role in helping uncover fraudulent activities and Cross Law Firm, S.C. is always ready to provide legal assistance.

What If I Was Part of the Fraud

It is common for employees who have enough information to be a whistleblower, to have at least unwittingly participated in the fraud.  This makes many employees hesitate to become a whistleblower.  Instead of hesitating, contact an experienced False Claims Act attorney to discuss how you can be protected while being a whistleblower even if you have participated in the fraud.

Don’t Report Fraud Against The Government – A Formal Sealed Complaint Must Be Filed in Federal Court

If you suspect fraud against the government, here are some steps you can follow:

  • Document all relevant evidence and information regarding the alleged violations
  • Contact a whistleblowing attorney to understand your rights, yourlegal options, and next steps to prepare a federal complaint
  • File a sealed omplaint in federal court

It is essential to consult an experienced whistleblowing lawyer like the ones at Cross Law Firm, S.C. to help ensure that your rights are protected throughout the reporting process. This is also the best way to address any potential legal challenges you may face and protect your position relative to your qui tam claim.

Who Do We Represent?

Whistleblowers come from all walks of life, and we can represent you no matter who you are. Our clients include:

  • Social Security Administration employees
  • Federal executive branch civilian employees
  • Federal contractors and subcontractors
  • Federal grantees and subgrantees
  • Personal services contractors for the federal government
  • Employees of other government agencies
  • Judicial branch employees
  • Legislative branch employees
  • Employees of uniformed armed services
  • Law enforcement partners

With our attorneys’ experience in advocating for whistleblowers and extensive knowledge of state and federal laws, you can have confidence in our ability to provide you with comprehensive legal guidance and representation. Our team can also help you right back against any retaliation you may experience for reporting fraud against the government.

What Protections Are Afforded To Whistleblowers?

With Cross Law Firm, S.C.‘s expertise in advocating for whistleblowers and our extensive knowledge of state and federal laws, you can have confidence in our ability to provide you with comprehensive legal guidance and representation. Our team can also help you fight back against any retaliation you may experience for reporting fraud against the government.

Take care to retain a law firm that has:

  • Years of qui tam experience and successful sizable recoveries
  • A full service employment law practice that can also service to obtain protections and recovery for you in a related employment matter – many FCA firms will not handle the employment portion of your claim
  • Has experience actually litigating false Claims Act cases – many firms automatically drop cases if the government declines to intervene

What Protections Are Afforded To Whistleblowers?

Remedies that address retaliation against whistleblowers under the False Claims Act typically include:

  • Two times back pay plus interest
  • Reinstatement damages
  • Special damages
  • Attorney’s fees and costs

Working with us, you can rest assured that your case will be handled with the utmost professionalism and dedication. We have a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding whistleblower cases and have successfully represented scores of clients in similar situations. Our team at Cross Law Firm, S.C. will work tirelessly to protect your rights, seek justice on your behalf, and strive for the best possible outcome for your case.

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