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Social Media Can Ruin Your Wrongful Termination Case

It seems like everyone is on social media these days, and you are probably just as involved as anyone else. Most of what you post is carefree, easy interaction with your peers. No problem, right?

If you have a wrongful termination claim pending against your former employer, social media could be very detrimental to your case. Online evidence is more common than ever. Our team of attorneys at Cross Law Firm, S.C., has decades of hands-on experience fighting fiercely for our clients’ rights, so we have seen firsthand how social media changed the game. Drawing on that experience, we have put together a useful list of what NOT to do online until your case is over.

What Not To Do On Social Media With A Pending Claim

If you have a pending employment law claim, it is in your best interests not to:

  • Post about the case on social media. You never know what you may accidentally write that your employer can use against you. Even things that seem innocent can get misinterpreted. The last thing you need is for an ill-timed post to derail your case.
  • Brag about how you are going to win. You may feel you have the upper hand, but bragging about the case can make your attempts to protect your rights appear malicious. If worded poorly, this could raise questions about the authenticity of your claims.
  • Delete things from your online profile. Your employer may then claim you had something to hide. Your best bet is to leave your profile exactly like it was before the case, posting as infrequently as possible.
  • Make unwarranted claims about your former employer. Yes, you feel frustrated that you got fired. You think your claims are justified, and they may be. But the case is not over yet, so do not use social media to vent. Wait for all of the facts to come out in court.

Social media evidence is complex and often difficult to authenticate, but it can find its way into court. Make sure you know exactly how it may impact your case and think very carefully before you post.

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