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Enough Is Enough! Fight Sexual Harassment Against Service Workers

Sexual harassment on the job is uncomfortable for most people and feels threatening and oppressive to many. If you have been subjected to indecent or intimidating behaviors at work in a restaurant, hotel or store, you likely know the feeling. At Cross Law Firm, S.C., we understand your dilemma all too well. We have heard many stories of unacceptable sexual harassment in food service, retail, hospitality and other service work contexts.

Sexual harassment has been highlighted as a growing problem among service workers in recent times. Fortunately, our Wisconsin employment law firm has been able to help many harassed service workers statewide and nationwide to put an end to the problem.

We know how important it is for you to have a job that provides a steady source of income. We have helped many people in your position protect their employment and/or recover compensation and other relief in sexual harassment cases.

Why Does The Service Industry Tend To Have Hazardous Work Environments?

Employees in the service industry may be particularly vulnerable to sexual harassment on the job for several key reasons:

  • Many managers in the food, hotel and retail industry are male, while wait staff members, cleaning crews and cashiers are often female. Opportunities for sexual harassment abound in many work settings (and indeed, harassment can come from any direction, regardless of genders involved).
  • Waiters, waitresses, customer service representatives and other service industry employees often earn low wages and fear losing their badly needed jobs if they complain about sexual harassment. Those who harass them may sense this vulnerability and exploit it.
  • When sexual harassment comes from customers, managers tend to consider that “the customer is always right” and thus fail to stand up for their service workers’ rights

Whatever the back story is in your sexual harassment case, you deserve to know your rights and understand the legal processes that may right the wrongs at your workplace. You may be in a strong position to pursue justice after being retaliated against over a sexual harassment complaint. Our experienced employment lawyers are here to help.

Don’t Delay Your Pursuit Of Justice

Early awareness and action can be critical to your case if you are thinking of bringing legal action over sexual harassment at your service job. Inform yourself about your options and the best course of action to bring relief.

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