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Skilled Handling Of Disability Discrimination Matters

Although the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed in 1990, there is still confusion among employers and employees about the rights of people with disabilities or perceived disabilities. Contact a Wisconsin disability discrimination lawyer today.

The attorneys at Cross Law Firm, S.C., understand that employers often do not know how to supply appropriate accommodations, and employees are sometimes reluctant or do not know how to ask for them. We provide experienced counsel that helps employers and employees resolve these issues so a worker can feel comfortable and perform his or her job.

The Americans With Disabilities Act

Employers need to know that they are generally required to accommodate persons with disabilities. The ADA and state law apply to hiring, promotion, compensation, termination and other working conditions.

Employees often do not realize they have rights under the ADA, the Family and Medical Leave Act, Workers’ Compensation Act and other provisions that protect them. The ADA includes both mental and physical disabilities and covers those who are perceived as being disabled as well as those whose life functions are affected by their medical condition.

That is why you should speak with a law firm that handles more than just workers’ compensation and personal injury work.

Example Situation

A typical case scenario might involve an employee with a heart condition. The employer might either insist he or she not do some aspect of his or her employment that he or she actually can do, or insist that he or she does, endangering the person.

In either case, please contact a disability discrimination lawyer to learn how the law can protect you. If you want to work, and do the kind of work you want, or need benefits because you can’t work, we can help.

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