Efficient and Effective Legal Representation

Helping Your Nonprofit And Cooperative Thrive

Cross Law Firm, S.C., attorneys have decades of experience forming nonprofit organizations and cooperatives throughout Wisconsin. Using sample documents from the web can get organizations into trouble and hamstring them when they need to grow. We take the time to go over your goals, concerns and mission to determine the best legal structure for your service organization or cooperative.

Tax-exempt status can be tricky. We may need to set up a parent organization, with a related nonprofit entity to receive donations that qualify as tax deductible. Strong organic documents are key to longevity and success for nonprofit, political and cooperative organizations.

Board Responsibility And Liability Training

We set up policies to address liability and responsibility for board members. We also conduct training sessions and provide training materials for board of director training regarding their responsibilities. The most common type of litigation involving nonprofit corporations and cooperatives can often be prevented with proper training of the members of the board of directors.

Let Cross Law Firm, S.C., Attorneys Handle The Legal And Personnel Matters

Nonprofits want to focus on service — not on legal issues and personnel problems. We set up personnel policies and supervisory training to reduce the likelihood that a nonprofit will be sued by an employee. Cross Law Firm, S.C., attorneys draft vendor contracts to prevent nonprofits from getting burned, and we can provide assistance with funding contracts.

Worker, Housing, Consumer And Production Cooperatives

Cross Law Firm, S.C., attorneys have provided the legal work for worker cooperatives, housing cooperatives, consumer cooperatives and production cooperatives for many years. We handle ongoing legal matters from cooperatives and offer training for members and the board of directors. Our attorneys are sought after for speaking engagements at cooperative events due to our deep understanding of cooperative principles and putting them into practice through legal vehicles.

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For advice and representation concerning any aspect of establishing or running a nonprofit or a cooperative, please call 414-616-3229, or contact our law firm online. We have offices in Waukesha and Milwaukee.