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Sexual Harassment

Your work situation may seem unbearable for personal reasons. Romantic or sexual relationships in the workplace are common, yet they can complicate one’s employment in a wide variety of ways. The remedies and options you might have available to you, however, will be greater if you do not terminate your employment now.

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Do Not Tolerate Harassment In The Workplace

A supervisor may request sexual favors in exchange for a raise, promotion or other benefit. More common, however, is a consensual relationship. It is the ending of the relationship that can become complicated. Perhaps a manager retaliates against an employee for ending the relationship, or they terminate the relationship and change the employee’s work duties or conditions.

Many employers are unaware of the law. We frequently contact and educate an employer and resolve the matter. If you quit, it will be harder for both of us to demonstrate that leaving your job was unavoidable for you. Most employers want to avoid litigation in court, especially for public relations reasons.

Harassment In The Workplace: Answering Your Questions

If you suspect that you are experiencing workplace sexual harassment, you probably have a plethora of questions. It is common not to know whom to trust. You can turn to us for reliable advice when you need it the most. Here, we have taken a few moments to respond to some of the questions that we hear most often about sexual harassment.

What should I do if I am being sexually harassed at work?

The first thing to do is tell the perpetrator to stop their inappropriate behavior. Report their actions or words to your superior. Document the incident in detail. If the harassment does not stop, then:

  1. Continue to document every incident of abuse.
  2. Escalate your complaint to your supervisor’s superior.
  3. Contact an employment law attorney.

Sometimes, the intervention of a lawyer is necessary to show your employer that you are serious about ending harassment as, if applicable, recovering compensation for your damages.

What is quid pro quo sexual harassment?

The phrase quid pro quo is Latin for, “something for something.” It refers to a coworker or supervisor offering to exchange a promotion or another incentive for sexual favors.

When should I talk to a lawyer if I am being sexually harassed at work?

It is never too early to consult an attorney about workplace sexual harassment or other forms of gender-based employment discrimination. When you speak with an employment lawyer, they can advise you of your rights, explain your options and let you know whether you have an actionable claim on your hands.

These are probably only a few of the things you want to know about ending workplace harassment. For even more answers, get in touch with our compassionate team today.

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