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Adept Handling Of Workers’ Comp/Disability Cases

Do not harm your case by using a firm that will only handle a portion of the claims you have in your medical-related employment matters. For example, personal injury firms will often handle your workers’ compensation claim and portray you as unable to work; but when you need an accommodation to maintain your employment or you are discriminated against because of your injury, they will tell you to see a different law firm.

The problem is that the claims are related, and if one firm is making you out as severely disabled and the other must show that you are a qualified disabled person who can perform your job with a reasonable accommodation, you could end up losing both of your cases because of the different approaches taken regarding the same medical conditions.

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Get All The Benefits You Deserve

Often employees call us for assistance with workers’ compensation and OSHA matters, disability accommodation, disability discrimination, FMLA and disability insurance benefits when they already have another attorney who is handling part of their concerns, but that attorney will not handle all of the related claims. The advantage of Cross Law Firm is that we will handle or co-counsel on all of your medical-related claims, whether they be FMLA, ADA, accommodation, disability insurance or disability benefits, medical leave, OSHA, HIPAA, retaliation, and so on.

We will dig in to understand your impairment, whether physical or mental, or both, and we are aware that many medical conditions are related and can exacerbate one another. Often vocational factors, such as education, training, work history and age, can be important, and a vocational expert may be needed, as well as medical experts.

Ongoing Representation When You Need It Most

Our firm often assists individuals on an ongoing basis, throughout their career, to understand what they should present to employers and what they should withhold during an interview and how to request a reasonable accommodation during employment.

It is important to call Cross Law Firm first to avoid the problem and unneeded expense of having multiple law firms; so that you will be able to properly interact with your employer to obtain your employment rights; to prevent employment problems resulting from medical conditions; and to maximize your damages recovery.

Contact A Wisconsin Disability Claims Attorney

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