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Do Not Let Discrimination Control Your Career

Gender discrimination has no place in the modern workplace, but it still happens all too often. At Cross Law Firm, S.C., our attorneys know that all workers hold the same rights. All deserve the same opportunities. We fight hard every day, drawing on decades of professional experience, to ensure that employees in Milwaukee and the surrounding areas get the protection they deserve. We are passionate about upholding the laws and influencing positive transformation in America’s workforce.

Three Common Types Of Discrimination

Gender discrimination takes many forms. If you ever feel unequal to the rest of the workforce based on your gender, like you are working in a hostile environment with the deck stacked against you, discrimination may be taking place. Three of the most common examples include:

  1. Unequal pay. You do the same job as your co-worker. Your office is the same size. You have the same title. You have worked at the company for the same amount of years. Maybe you even have a more prestigious education. Still, you earn $20,000 less per year. Though you get raises annually, so does your co-worker, and you can never make up the gap.
  2. The glass ceiling. Your skills do not seem to matter. Your resume gets more impressive every year, and your production numbers are off the charts. However, you cannot get a promotion. You watch colleagues of the opposite gender fly past you on the corporate ladder, even with lesser qualifications, but you can never break into management. This is known as the glass ceiling, and it could signify company wide discrimination.
  3. Unfair termination. You put up impressive numbers every quarter. You are always the first one into the office and the last one out. You still get fired without warning. They tell you the position is getting phased out, but then a new worker of the opposite gender gets hired just a month later. The position has a new title, but it sounds hauntingly familiar.

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