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Practice Areas

From our offices in the Lawyers’ Building, the Milwaukee employee rights lawyers at Cross Law Firm, S.C., serve Wisconsin employees, professionals, executives, labor organizations, and small business and community organizations with matters involving:


Employment law and litigation


We have a full-service employment law practice. Our attorneys handle everything from pre- and post-termination counseling for employees and executives to federal and state litigation and appeals. Our firm has successfully resolved cases involving discrimination, sexual harassment and other types of harassment and retaliation, fraud and whistleblowing, pretermination intervention, noncompete and intellectual property, pre-employment issues and negotiation, contract negotiation, compensation, including benefits, commissions, bonuses and overtime, severance agreements, wrongful and retaliatory discharge and constructive discharge, protected activity, civil rights, benefits, defamation and professional licenses.


Business and organization law and litigation


We represent small businesses, partnerships, nonprofit organizations and cooperatives throughout all stages of their business, including business formation, partnership agreements, operating agreements, professional partnership agreements, buy-sell agreements, document drafting, regulation and licensing, resolution and litigation of disputes and issues related to shareholders, business merger and dissolution. We work with community organizations, cooperatives and employee associations to be proactive. Contact a Wausau business litigation attorney.


Labor law


Our Milwaukee, Wisconsin, employee rights lawyers represent labor unions and professional labor organizations in both the public and private sectors, and have handled countless labor issues for over 35 years. We successfully handle labor matters of all types, including collective bargaining, safety issues, arbitration, unfair labor practices, union relations, protected concerted activity, duty of fair representation and grievances, and we are particularly well-known for our ability to obtain injunctions, temporary restraining orders, declaratory judgments and writs of mandamus. We practice before the National Labor Relations Board, OSHA and the Department of Labor, the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission, and state and federal court. Contact us today to discuss your situation with a skilled employee rights lawyer.


Civil rights

We also litigate housing discrimination, public accommodation discrimination and various other civil rights cases. Our civil rights lawyers have handled campaign finance litigation and injunctions and litigation on behalf of abortion clinics. As a progressive law firm, we are interested in challenging injustice to obtain fairness in the proactive practice of law.


Workers’ comp/disability

Don’t harm your case by using a firm that will only handle a portion of the claims you have in your medical-related employment matters. For example, personal injury firms will often handle your workers’ compensation claim and portray you as unable to work, but when you need an accommodation to maintain your employment or you are discriminated against because of your injury, they will tell you to see a different law firm. We take a holistic approach to workplace medical issues to obtain compensation for your injury, but also an accommodation so you can continue working when appropriate. We handle FMLA, COBRA, short- and long-term disability insurance benefits, workers’ compensation, Social Security Disability Insurance, and disability discrimination and accommodation.

Wage and hour law

Our firm litigates and resolves all types of compensation claims, including benefits, wages and overtime, commissions, bonuses, fringe benefits, stock options and restricted stock, deferred compensation, pensions, profit-sharing, and so on. If you earned or if you were promised it, we collect it.