Efficient and Effective Legal Representation

Firm Overview


Founder Nola J. Hitchcock Cross of the Cross Law Firm, S.C., is known among the Wisconsin legal, labor and business communities for her ability to cut to the chase, identify the problem and push through a solution. She is efficient, direct and fiercely focused on her clients’ objectives. Cross Law Firm, S.C., is known by opposing counsel as being a tough opponent.


Whistleblowing and qui tam cases are very complex. Preparing and pursuing these cases require knowledge that can only be acquired by years of experience. Founder Nola J. Hitchcock Cross of the Cross Law Firm, S.C., has been representing individuals in whistleblowing cases for more than 45 years and has become a trailblazer in the field. She has obtained some of the largest whistleblowing recoveries in the country.


At Cross Law Firm, S.C., our aim is to keep problems from arising. We are frequently involved in employment and business litigation that is based on contracts and agreements that do not stand up to a challenge. We have represented many employees in wrongful discharge, discrimination and harassment lawsuits, in which addressing the unlawful conduct with the employer upfront could have effectively resolved the problem much earlier. We believe that a great deal of conflict can be avoided with properly drafted employment agreements, thoughtful pretermination intervention, frank discussions with employers and various other proactive strategies. It is crucial for small business to have proactive attorneys to prevent legal entanglements.


Our team approach to the practice of law is unique. For example, when an individual comes to us with a sexual harassment case, we draw on our knowledge on our long experience of trying and settling sexual harassment lawsuits to determine what the claim can generate in terms of results, but we also review the potential for other claims not initially recognized by the client. We do not litigate for the sake of litigating — we represent a client only to the degree that the claim is worthy. When there is no claim, we work with the client to get a good severance agreement and/or an appropriate employer recommendation. Often a team of attorneys assists on the case to best utilize skills to the client’s advantage.


Our clients come from all walks of life: from a secretary with an age discrimination claim, to a CEO who needs to negotiate a severance agreement, to a local ironworker’s union involved in the collective bargaining process. Many of our clients do not want anyone to know a lawyer is representing them. If you need our assistance to be low-key or entirely behind the scenes, we are pleased to accommodate you.

For more information on how we can best serve your needs, give us a call at 414-616-3229.