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Employees are cheated out of fair wages in countless ways. Employers most often allow their employees to work off the clock, but illegal deductions from pay also occur. Other employers misclassify their employees as “independent contractors” or as “exempt” from overtime pay. The Wisconsin wage right attorneys at Cross Law Firm, S.C., handle a wide variety of employment and business matters involving compensation issues — professionally, confidentially and aggressively.

The Fair Labor Standards Act sets a minimum wage, regulates child labor and requires overtime compensation to be paid, among other things. If you are working overtime, you should be paid for it. Contact a wage and hour claims attorney today. Just because you are paid a salary, does not mean that you don’t have a legal right to overtime compensation.

What Constitutes A Viable Action?

Through either turning a blind eye, ignorance, or blatant and willful violations of wage laws, employers regularly violate the wage and hour laws. There are no excuses for allowing wage rights violations to continue. Do you:

  • Work through your unpaid lunch break?
  • Answer your phone or checking emails while at home?
  • Travel between multiple work sites on your own time?
  • Work overtime but receive no additional compensation because you are classified as “exempt” or “salaried”?
  • Perform certain tasks before your paid workday begins, or after it ends?
  • Work so much that safety is becoming a concern?
  • Work more than you are allowed to write down for pay?
  • Work at home after hours?
  • Attend mandatory company functions without pay?
  • Work in the trucking industry against wage and hour regulations?
  • Attend training without being paid?
  • Classified as an independent contractor and working overtime without compensation?

Among our tools for serving employees are class actions and collective actions that allow us to bring actions on behalf of entire groups of employees. Wisconsin’s wage payment claims and collections laws provide additional protections for employees including requiring employers pay agreed-upon wages.

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The Wisconsin wage and hour class action lawyers at Cross Law Firm, S.C., have more than 45 years’ experience in wage and hour claims and employment and business law. For information on how we can best serve your needs, contact us at 414-616-3229.

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