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Standing Up Against Powerful Public Employers

If you work for a public entity and recently lost your job, you probably feel as if you are David going up against Goliath. Government agencies and other public organizations can be immensely powerful and have systems in place that favor their rights over yours.

Fortunately, Cross Law Firm, S.C., can level the playing field. Our team of employment law attorneys brings more than 90 collective years of experience to advocating for highly placed government officials throughout Wisconsin and the nation.

Experienced In Handling Public Employer Cases

Many employment law firms do not regularly handle claims involving public entities because of the additional complexity. Our lawyers have handled numerous such cases, giving us invaluable insight into how best to help you. We routinely represent government employee clients in whistleblowing, before disciplinary boards, in due process hearings, in arbitration, in mediation and other settlement negotiations, and in other high-stakes proceedings.

Just a few of our past clients include:

  • High-ranking government officials and employees
  • Elected officials and those in election campaigns
  • Members of school boards, city councils, and other public bodies
  • City, county and municipal employees
  • Law enforcement officers and chiefs
  • Teachers, professors, and school and university administrators
  • Prison guards and probation officers
  • Firefighters
  • Library personnel
  • HR personnel
  • All public employees

Government entities have employment law policies and regulations and governing laws that are very different from private employers. We understand the intricate and complex bureaucracy of local, state and federal employers. Even in cases involving niche employment areas, we can provide the specific legal guidance you need.

Restoring Your Reputation

Many of our clients come to us because their employer has come up with an erroneous reason to demote or fire them or have otherwise communicated false information about them. In addition to damaging the employee’s personal reputation, it can irreparably harm their ability to find future employment or advance in their career. We strive not only to hold your employer accountable for its actions but also to protect your career, restore your reputation, and rectify the situation as discreetly as possible.

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