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Are You Being Unfairly Paid?

Being fairly paid is something every employee deserves. Cross Law Firm, S.C., has worked with clients throughout Wisconsin and across the country who are facing wage issues. We are here to address your concerns and answer all of your questions. From beginning to end, you will have strong representation at your side. Our goal is to help you find the best possible solution.

Legal Status Does Not Impact Your Rights

For many Spanish-speaking employees, they are afraid of taking any sort of legal action because of the status of their citizenship. However, even if you are undocumented, or anyone in your family is undocumented, you still have rights. Simply put, it is irrelevant. You are entitled to be paid in accordance with the law, regardless of your status.

That being said, we understand how scary the legal system can seem. That is why we guide you through the process and explain your options no matter your situation, whether you are being unfairly shorted on your time card, required to work “off the clock” or more.

Call While You Are Still Employed

In many cases, your situation may seem unbearable and quitting may seem like the best and only option. However, it is actually easier to fight for what you are entitled to if you are still employed. Once you have left the company, your former employer may not be as motivated to agree to a quick and fair resolution.

If you are still employed, your employer can be held accountable for their actions. That is where our trusted team of attorneys will step in. Our job is to build the strongest possible case. When an employer doesn’t pay Hispanic employees what they are owed, it is time to take action.

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