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Decades Of Experience With False Claims Act Cases

No one wants the government to be cheated. After all, the government represents us, and its budget is largely taxpayer dollars. If you “blow the whistle” on a company that is cheating the government, that makes you a “whistleblower” or “relator.” The way you do so is to file a sealed lawsuit against the company. The importance of having an experienced False Claims Act lawyer on your side is invaluable, as these cases must be filed in accordance with higher pleading requirements than other types of cases.

Experience Matters. It Is What Sets Our Firm Apart.

Federal False Claims Act cases can only be filed if the information has not previously been brought forward by another source — acting immediately is the only way to preserve your right to compensation. You need to be the first to file under seal in order for you to reap the benefit of coming forward with new information of fraud against the government.

Make sure you are protected and have a strong lawyer at your side. Call Cross Law Firm, S.C., as soon as possible at 414-616-3229. We work with whistleblowers across the country.

Cross Law Firm, S.C., has obtained millions of dollars for our False Claims Act cases. We are trailblazers in the area of health care fraud, obtaining the first nationwide hospice care and Medicare Part D/Controlled Substances Act recoveries in the nation. We frequently represent relators and assist other law firms throughout the country.

Managing attorney Nola Hitchcock Cross is the only False Claims Act attorney in Wisconsin who has presented a dedicated seminar at the State Bar, and she is a nationally recognized False Claims Act speaker.

What Is In It For You?

The incentive for you to file a case is a percentage of the award or settlement the government gets. You will also receive protection from retaliation. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which amended several whistleblower laws, just made collecting awards a whole lot better. False Claims Act lawyers at our firm have settled for well over $100 million in qui tam recoveries. In some cases, our clients have received multimillions of dollars for blowing the whistle.

To learn more, watch an educational video about the False Claims Act. This video, entitled “Whistleblower Awards Work for the Benefit of All” is produced by Taxpayers Against Fraud Education Fund.

Qui Tam Actions — What Does That Mean?

These actions confuse many people. Qui tam is a Latin phrase that refers to the concept of suing on behalf of the government. The federal False Claims Act is the actual law providing for the action and incentive to people to bring the action. The law dates back to the Civil War, when many parties sold defective war materials to the government. Many states have since enacted their own mini false claims acts.

Other recently enacted or amended laws that contain whistleblower protections are the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the Commodities Exchange Act and the Securities Exchange Act. Together, these laws create significant opportunities for recovery by whistleblowers.

Groundbreaking Health Care Fraud Attorneys

Attorney Nola Hitchcock Cross is a nationally recognized leader in handling health care fraud qui tam and whistleblower claims. We were the first firm in the country to obtain a recovery for exposing hospice care fraud in a national case. In addition, we obtained the first recovery for Medicare Part D fraud and violations of the Controlled Substances Act. Find out how to pursue a health care fraud whistleblower claim.

Securities And Sarbanes-Oxley Fraud And Retaliation Lawyers

Finally, Sarbanes-Oxley is the name of a law requiring certain accounting and reporting standards at companies. This can include failure to report potential liability such as FDA violations and consumer protection issues in SEC filings and annual reports. Employees who oppose such violations may have significant claims for retaliation. Find out how to pursue a SEC whistleblower claim.

Call While You Are Still Employed

If possible, call our office while you are still employed. Authorities often wish to “mic up” employees or use other tactics to help build a strong case against an employer. Additionally, we can advise you about legal document retention to avoid costly counter-claims. Doing so can help ensure you receive maximum compensation for your efforts.

Why Hire Our Firm? We Are Trailblazers Committed To Justice

We are trailblazers in the False Claims Act arena. In the area of health care fraud, we obtained the first nationwide hospice fraud recovery as well as the first nationwide Medicare Part D recovery based on the Controlled Substances Act. We were one of the few firms to secure a recovery under the Davis/Bacon/Prevailing Wage False Claims Act.

We do not stop until justice has been done. We were able to secure a criminal conviction of a company owner who violated the False Claims Act.

Are you considering filing a False Claims Act case? Talk to us. We represent relators and other law firms across the country. For information on Medicare fraud or other False Claims Act matters, call the whistleblower lawyers at 414-616-3229, or contact a lawyer online.