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With more than 40 years of legal experience, our employment law attorneys are knowledgeable and strong advocates for our clients.  Based in Milwaukee and Waukesha, with satellite offices in Wausau and Chicago, our employment attorneys focus on serving our clients with professionalism and efficiency. Cross Law Firm, S.C. has extensive experience in a wide variety of employment law cases, ranging from:

  • Discrimination
  • Disability discrimination
  • Wage and hour claims
  • FMLA
  • And more

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Disability Discrimination

The ADA and state law apply to hiring, promotion, compensation, termination and other working conditions.

Employees often do not realize they have rights under the ADA, the Family and Medical Leave Act, Workers’ Compensation Act and other provisions that protect them. The ADA includes both mental and physical disabilities and covers those who are perceived as being disabled as well as those whose life functions are affected by their medical condition.

Discrimination In The Workplace

Federal law (Title VII) prohibits employers from discriminating on the basis of a person’s:

  • Disability
  • Age
  • Race
  • Gender
  • National origin
  • Religion

If you feel that you have been fired, demoted or otherwise retaliated against for any discriminatory reason, our employment lawyers are ready to speak with you and explain your options. Call 414-616-3229.

Family And Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

In addition to the Federal FMLA laws, Wisconsin provides additional protection for employees under the Wisconsin Family and Medical Leave Act (WFMLA). Both laws allow employees of larger employers to take unpaid leave if they suffer a serious illness, or need to care for a family member.

In order to be entitled to leave under either the FMLA or WFMLA, the employer must employ at least 50 or more employees during the relevant period of time. In addition, an employee is eligible if they have worked either 1,000 hours for WFMLA or 1,250 hours for FMLA within a 12-month period. If an employee is eligible, they may take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave during any 12-month period under the FMLA. Under the WFMLA, an employee may take up to 2 weeks of unpaid leave during any 12-month period, which runs concurrent with any federal FMLA leave. A man or a woman may use this time to care for a newborn child or a parent, for example.

If you have had trouble getting permission for this time off, or if you have suffered retaliation for taking time off, contact an FMLA lawyer at Cross Law Firm, S.C. at 414-616-3229.