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Worker's whistleblowing leads to alleged wrongful termination

Whistleblowers play a critical role in the safety and well-being of countless people's lives in Wisconsin. Without these brave men and women, corporate misdoings would continue, putting the financial and safety well-being of residents in jeopardy. Unfortunately, many workers who engaged in whistleblowing also face unfair and illegal retaliation as a result of their actions.

Uber facing lawsuit alleging workplace discrimination

Uber is a transportation networking company that provides ridesharing services in Wisconsin, throughout the country and literally around the world since 2009. Because it is a relatively young company, one might assume that its culture would be progressive and not saddled with traditional behaviors among its management. However, a former employee in the company's technology organization recently filed a lawsuit in another state, alleging workplace discrimination and sexual harassment.

What are some signs of age discrimination in the workplace?

When you think of workplace discrimination types in Milwaukee, you might instantly think of gender, sexual, disability and pregnancy. Very few people are aware that they can experience workplace discrimination because of their age. Ageism, the act of mistreating a person because of their age, is alive and well in the workplace. If you are a member of the Baby Boomer generation (over the age of 50) or a senior who must work to stay active and support yourself, you could expect to hear more complaints about ageism in the workplace in the coming years. 

Workplace discrimination lawsuits against Fox News settled

Fox News has dealt with major sexual harassment scandals in the past, involving both top management and well-known on-air personalities. Recently, its parent company paid millions of dollars to several former employees who had alleged that various types of workplace discrimination had occurred there. Although the company is headquartered in another state, discrimination like this can happen anywhere. Employees at Wisconsin businesses may find themselves experiencing the same type of discriminatory behavior.

Can I sue my boss for defamation?

If you were recently terminated or let go from your job in Milwaukee, you might be wondering if any of your rights were violated in the process, or if you have the right to sue an employer for making disparaging comments about you. The answer might depend on the circumstances surrounding your claims. 

Professor in whistleblowing case to learn if she will keep job

Sexual harassment in the workplace is in the news often lately, with several incidents reported in the entertainment industry as well as various levels of government. In addition, the educational sector is not immune to allegations of sexual abuse. A situation involving whistleblowing after reporting alleged sexual harassment at the University of Wisconsin at Platteville should soon be resolved.

Tips for preventing sexual harassment in the workplace

Sexual harassment in the workplace has been going on for decades. Though there are numerous state and federal laws in addition to employer policies to prevent it, the unlawful behavior still prevails in many Milwaukee job environments. Now that celebrities and Hollywood have made it a hot topic, everyone is up in arms trying to figure out how to fight it. 

Employment law: Company accused of wrongful termination

Employees in Wisconsin and elsewhere across the country have the right to a safe working environment on the job. Employment law dictates that a worker should be able to refuse to work in a situation that might be unsafe. However, a man in another state claims he was terminated after he told his employer he would not work in an unsafe situation.

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