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Worker’s whistleblowing leads to alleged wrongful termination

On Behalf of | May 28, 2018 | Whistleblowing |

Whistleblowers play a critical role in the safety and well-being of countless people’s lives in Wisconsin. Without these brave men and women, corporate misdoings would continue, putting the financial and safety well-being of residents in jeopardy. Unfortunately, many workers who engaged in whistleblowing also face unfair and illegal retaliation as a result of their actions.

An out-of-state whistleblower recently filed a suit after he says he was unjustly fired. A master electrician who was hired to complete necessary electrical work in several city buildings, he quickly noticed something was amiss. Many of the individuals hired to help complete the work were unqualified, and no one had secured necessary permits or scheduled inspections for the work.

He went to his supervisors with these concerns but was brushed off. One facilities director claimed that she did not have to adhere to standards that required any type of permits or inspections, despite the electrician’s insistence that the current work posed serious risk to the safety of the people working in the buildings. When he attempted to secure the necessary permits, he was fired. His superiors claim that he had failed to complete his employment probationary period.

His lawsuit claims that he was wrongfully fired for whistleblowing on a wrongdoing and for refusing to violate laws while working. He is seeking financial compensation as well as to be reinstated to his former position. These are not uncommon requests for Wisconsin whistleblower victims, as many deal with the immediate financial devastation of lost wages and the inability to quickly find another job.

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