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Workplace discrimination lawsuits against Fox News settled

On Behalf of | May 17, 2018 | Workplace Discrimination |

Fox News has dealt with major sexual harassment scandals in the past, involving both top management and well-known on-air personalities. Recently, its parent company paid millions of dollars to several former employees who had alleged that various types of workplace discrimination had occurred there. Although the company is headquartered in another state, discrimination like this can happen anywhere. Employees at Wisconsin businesses may find themselves experiencing the same type of discriminatory behavior.

21st Century Fox reportedly paid 18 former employees roughly $10 million in a settlement agreement after claims of racial discrimination, gender bias and retaliation were levied. The individual employees could not disclose specific details about the amounts they received. However, the deals were reached after negotiations and mediation had occurred.

The majority of these latest claims involved employees who were not generally seen on the networks. One lawsuit dealt with employees who said their boss had created a hostile environment by using inflammatory racial remarks. A former anchor and reporter claimed that he was passed over for promotions and had to behave in racially stereotypical ways.

Despite the large settlements, reports show that the company would not settle on two separate cases. One dealt with a commentator who claims he was defamed. Another situation involved a commentator who alleges she was sexually abused by an anchor at Fox Business Network.

Workplace discrimination may occur in any business setting, regardless of the industry. Should an employee experience any form of harassment, bias or retaliation, it would be prudent to contact a Wisconsin employment law attorney. A knowledgeable lawyer can work with clients to bring a lawsuit against an employer that has displayed discriminatory actions.

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