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Uber facing lawsuit alleging workplace discrimination

On Behalf of | May 25, 2018 | Workplace Discrimination |

Uber is a transportation networking company that provides ridesharing services in Wisconsin, throughout the country and literally around the world since 2009. Because it is a relatively young company, one might assume that its culture would be progressive and not saddled with traditional behaviors among its management. However, a former employee in the company’s technology organization recently filed a lawsuit in another state, alleging workplace discrimination and sexual harassment.

The employee, a software engineer, claims that she experienced sexual harassment, sexual and racial discrimination, and retaliation while she worked at Uber for over two years. She stated in the lawsuit that the workforce was dominated by males, and the environment was one that degraded and marginalized the women at the company. She claims that false statements were made about her regarding rumors of sexual activities with another Uber employee.

The suit states that the former software engineer had been touched inappropriately by a male employee, who also made other sexual advances and remarks toward her. She was hospitalized after suffering panic attacks, anxiety, exhaustion and burnout, following the alleged harassing behavior. The woman also said that company management and other co-workers began to ignore and isolate her after she reported the harassment.

The former employee had been a participant in a class action lawsuit; however, she dropped out before the case was settled. In her individual suit, she states that she has been denied promotions and pay raises. In June 2017, 20 employees were fired by Uber after over 200 reports of workplace violations.

Workplace discrimination may take on many forms in businesses. If an employee has experienced discriminatory behavior or retaliation on the job, it would be beneficial to contact a Wisconsin employment law attorney. A knowledgeable lawyer can help clients file a lawsuit against an employer for these actions.

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