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Employment law: Company accused of wrongful termination

On Behalf of | May 4, 2018 | Employment Law |

Employees in Wisconsin and elsewhere across the country have the right to a safe working environment on the job. Employment law dictates that a worker should be able to refuse to work in a situation that might be unsafe. However, a man in another state claims he was terminated after he told his employer he would not work in an unsafe situation.

The man has filed a lawsuit against mining and energy companies, claiming they wrongfully terminated him. Documents state that the man refused to work in a certain area of the mine. He stated that he was concerned he could be hit by rock that could fly outside the blast zone. There was insufficient warning given to the miners in that area.

In addition, the company allegedly ordered equipment despite reports of concerns of its safety. Employees had reported problems with an excavator machine’s buckets and blades. However, the company disregarded the reports and continued to use the equipment.

The man states he was wrongfully terminated for saying he would not work in the unsafe area. He has asked the court for a trial by jury and reinstatement of his job. He also seeks punitive damages, court costs, attorney fees and any other relief deemed just by the court.

Losing one’s job is a traumatic event, regardless of the circumstances. However, when wrongful termination is suspected, someone may wish to pursue litigation against the former employer. A Wisconsin attorney familiar with employment law can be of assistance throughout the process. A trusted lawyer can help clients achieve a positive outcome in the proceedings.

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