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Social media can negatively impact your case against your employer

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2021 | Employment Law |

Social media is a part of everyday life. Many use it for hours a day, so it should come as no surprise to employers that employees will have their own accounts that they use on breaks or when they’re off the clock.

However, social media can be problematic for employees, and it’s something to think about carefully if you are going to file an employment law claim against your employer for any reason, including for wrongful termination. If you say or do anything online that discusses your case, then you could end up hurting your own claim.

What shouldn’t you do on social media if you have a pending claim against an employer?

If you have a pending employment law claim against an employer, then you should never:

  • Brag about the case. You don’t want to brag about how you’re going to win, because it can make you appear malicious. This could even make it look like your claim isn’t authentic.
  • Delete items from your online profile. If you delete old posts or information, then the defendant may claim you’re hiding something.
  • Post about the case. You don’t want to draw attention to yourself or have anything you say get misinterpreted. A poorly worded post could significantly impact your claim.
  • Make unwarranted claims. If you make a claim that isn’t true, then you could face repercussions. It’s better to wait until after your case is over to say anything online.

Social media posts and data can be used as evidence in court, so it’s very important not to give the other party anything to work with. You need to protect yourself, even if you feel that you have a solid case against the other party.