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Do you have to sign a non-compete agreement?

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2022 | Employment Law |

When an employer asks employees or new hires to sign a non-compete agreement, it can leave those workers in an uncertain position. Do they have to sign the agreement? How might this contract impact their future? What happens if they don’t sign the document? People should carefully consider their options before signing a non-compete agreement.

A non-compete agreement could significantly limit your future opportunities.

Non-compete agreements are legal documents that limit employees’ ability to work for competitors. Some of the questions to consider when reviewing these documents include:

  • How long will the agreement prevent you from working with competitors?
  • Can you work for similar companies in a different geographic area during this period?
  • Does the agreement limit the type of work you can do for other companies?
  • What consequences might you face if you violate this agreement?

After reviewing these details you may be uncertain whether signing a non-compete agreement is the right choice for you. Many employees wonder whether not signing this document will result in their termination or the revocation of a job offer.

What can you do if asked to sign a non-compete agreement?

If an employer or prospective employer asks you to sign a non-compete agreement, it may be helpful to explore seeking guidance from an experienced attorney. They can help you understand your rights as well as the ways that this contract could impact your employment opportunities. They can also review the agreement, identify clauses that may be particularly restrictive and help you negotiate.

With the right guidance, you can determine whether signing a non-compete agreement is in your best interests and make an informed decision about your career and its future.