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Women still face discrimination at work

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2020 | Workplace Discrimination |

While sex discrimination has been illegal in the workplace in Wisconsin and across the country since 1964, applicants continue to experience discrimination in hiring or in promotions once they are already in a job. While gender discrimination in job listings violates the law, workers continue to uncover discriminatory advertisements. This can happen even if you are a highly skilled professional. For example, one case that drew a great deal of attention involved a job ad posted online for a hospitalist, a licensed physician who works inside a hospital and treats a wide array of conditions among inpatients.

Gender discrimination in job advertisements

The advertisement, posted by a medical staffing company on a large online job board, stated openly that “women don’t do well here.” While the posting was taken down after it was spotlighted on social media, it was allowed to get through everyone involved at the medical staffing company and avoid screening at the online job site. While few job descriptions are so blatant in their gender discrimination, some studies indicate that up to 40% of women experience some kind of discrimination on the job.

Women in high-powered careers affected

As in the case of the hospitalist job description, many of these women are in high-powered careers. If you work in the tech industry, you may have encountered policies and systems that keep women out of the highest-ranking positions or that fail to effectively respond to sexual harassment. Many employees fear retaliation if they bring a complaint against an executive for discriminatory or harassing behavior, but retaliation is just as unlawful as workplace discrimination itself.

Women continue to earn less than men in similar or equal professions, and many women report being ignored when important contracts or projects are assigned. Others find that senior leaders are more likely to mentor male employees than female ones.

If you are dealing with employment discrimination based on your gender, you could lose out on thousands of dollars as a result of lost jobs and opportunities. An employment law attorney may be able to provide advice and guidance on how you can pursue justice and accountability.