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Wisconsin man awarded $5.2 million for workplace discrimination

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2019 | Workplace Discrimination |

A Wisconsin man who accused his employer of violating federal law was recently awarded $5.2 million. He pursued a workplace discrimination suit following a series of discriminatory behaviors by a Walmart store manager. Those behaviors included an unfounded suspension, additional barriers to accommodations and termination from the job that the victim had held for nearly two decades.

The victim was a cart pusher at the same Walmart for 16 years, during which time he had special accommodations for a developmental disability and visual impairment as well as being deaf. The problems began when a new manager took over the store. Within a month, he suspended the man and refused to provide further reasonable accommodations. The employee could only return to work if he resubmitted all of his medical paperwork.

Both the victim and his legal guardian acquired the required paperwork that requested continued accommodations with a job coach. Prior to the new manager taking over, the plaintiff had worked alongside a job coach who assisted him in his work duties. They never heard back from the manager or anyone else at the store. After being cut off from communication, the man was apparently terminated.

According to federal law, Wisconsin employers must provide accommodations for workers with disabilities. These individuals have just as much right to be in the workplace as workers who are not living with disabilities. When employers discriminate against workers who are well within their legal rights to request reasonable accommodations, it is possible to hold them responsible for their actions. This is often accomplished through successful workplace discrimination lawsuits.