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Job applicants experience workplace discrimination, too

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2019 | Workplace Discrimination |

From preparing resumes to familiarizing themselves with the specifics of various positions, job applicants in Wisconsin put in a lot of time and effort when applying and interviewing for new employment. All of that preparation can make it extremely disheartening to be turned down for a job that a person believes he or she is qualified for. Although most people associated workplace discrimination with on-the-job problems, discrimination can start much earlier than that.

During the course of employment, an employer cannot discriminate against his or her workers. Illegal forms of discrimination that still pop up in the workplace include gender, age, national origin, race or religion. Job applicants are also protected from these forms of discrimination, meaning an employer cannot refuse to hire a candidate for any of these reasons. 

Interviewers are also not allowed to ask certain questions that might expose this type of information when it is not obvious. Asking whether a candidate intends to have kids or already does, what religion he or she practices and his or her sexual orientation is also not permitted. The only time an employer may ask about age is to confirm whether an applicant is over the age of 18.

Demonstrating that workplace discrimination took place during the hiring process is not always easy. If another qualified candidate was hired instead, a victim will have to demonstrate that the hiring decision was discriminatory. While this might feel impossible, a qualified attorney in Wisconsin can usually provide guidance on how to seek compensation for this type of situation.