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Retaliation and workplace discrimination are still common

On Behalf of | May 17, 2019 | Workplace Discrimination |

No matter what field or industry you are employed in, you should be able to report harassment, discrimination and employer wrongdoing without fear of retaliation. Unfortunately, this form of workplace discrimination still happens frequently in Wisconsin. Here are a few things you should know about retaliation, its causes and the common forms it takes.

Like many other people, you may associate retaliation with high-profile whistleblowing cases. You might not even realize that you could be the victim of retaliation for doing what you think is the right thing. In fact, some of the most common causes of workplace retaliation include:

  • Reporting sexual harassment or discrimination
  • Requesting accommodation for a disability
  • Filing a workers’ compensation claim
  • Opposing a hostile workplace
  • Reporting an OSHA or safety violation

You might be surprised to learn that not only do employers retaliate for these types of reasons, but that retaliation is not always straightforward. While retaliation can end in your termination, it can also be more subtle. For example, you could have your workload reduced and eventually be demoted. Your employer could also assign you to undesirable work duties or subject you to further harassment and discrimination.

Retaliation can be damaging both financially and emotionally. No one deserves to be retaliated against for making reasonable requests or for reporting unsafe, unwarranted or discriminatory practices in the workplace. If you were the victim of this type of workplace discrimination, you are not alone. You can learn more about retaliation, Wisconsin employment law and more on our website.