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Former Blizzard employee describes workplace discrimination

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2019 | Workplace Discrimination |

Being mistreated in the workplace can involve so much more than losing out on important opportunities and promotions. While these actions have a tangible, economic impact that is extremely difficult for victims, many also suffer significant emotional damage from acts of workplace discrimination. When a worker in Wisconsin is adversely impacted by such actions, pursuing compensation might not only be helpful, it could also be necessary to realizing a full financial and emotional recovery.

Activision Blizzard is a gaming company responsible for popular titles such as “Overwatch.” Although the company recently created a LGBTQ+ character for that game, one former employee says the company is much less welcoming and accepting in real life. According to his claims, he was almost driven to suicide because of the frequent racial discrimination he suffered when working for Blizzard.

After working at the company for five years, the former employee says that he had always received high reviews until he started to report the racial discrimination to which he was frequently subjected. These acts included inappropriate comments on his Mexican heritage. These comments frequently came from his co-workers and painted him as a stereotype of his culture, particularly in regards to sexist behavior. His complaints went largely ignored.

The treatment at work contributed to serious health issues, including anxiety attacks and major depression. In Nov. 2017, Blizzard placed him on an official leave of absence following a breakdown at work. He handed in his resignation letter in Feb. 2018, citing a refusal by Blizzard to address the actions of his co-workers and superiors that led to his state of health.

Workplace discrimination of any type is extremely harmful to Wisconsin victims, most of whom simply want to perform their job well and be treated fairly for doing so. It can be devastating to do everything right and still be mistreated. This makes seeking compensation from a former or current employer extremely important, as any financial recourse can help address unfair economic disadvantages that were the result of discrimination. These typically include things like lost wages from an unfair discharge or being passed over for a promotion.