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Gender inequalities still contribute to workplace discrimination

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2018 | Workplace Discrimination |

The #MeToo movement rapidly spread near the end of 2017 after numerous allegations arose regarding sexual harassment in the workplace by some prominent figures in a variety of industries. However, before the surge of accusations associated with the movement came about, a survey was conducted about gender and the workforce. The results showed that workplace discrimination is still prevalent in Wisconsin and other areas around the nation.

Despite the great strides that have been made by women in the labor force, studies show that a gender imbalance still exists. Not surprisingly, workers’ perceptions vary greatly depending on how many women and men work in a given setting. The 2017 survey was conducted by the Pew Research Center, a national organization that provides information on a variety of current topics and trends. The survey revealed that women who worked in predominantly male workplaces cited sexual harassment as a problem more often than those who worked mainly with females.

Roughly two thirds of both men and women stated that their gender had no effect on their job success. However, there were some workers who believed that gender made it more difficult to achieve success in their careers. In the study, 19 percent of women felt it was hard to succeed, as opposed to seven percent of their male counterparts.

Almost 65 percent of the women who work with mostly males stated that sexual harassment was a concern in the workplace, whether it was noted as a small or big problem. For those working in female-dominated workplaces, the number was 42 percent. Problems mentioned in the survey included being denied a promotion or getting passed over for a job because of gender.

Gender discrimination is just one type of workplace discrimination that can occur in Wisconsin businesses. If someone has experienced this type of behavior, it would be wise for him or her to contact an employment law attorney as soon as possible. A respected lawyer can help individuals evaluate their situations, and they can recommend the best course of legal action to take against an employer.

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