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Employment law: Restaurant manager accused of harassment

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2018 | Employment Law |

Restaurants in Wisconsin and all around the country are the workplaces for many employees. In these hectic working environments, employment law experts note there are certain to be conflicts and misunderstandings among the employees. However, some current and former workers of a restaurant in another state have a more serious situation at hand. They allege that a manager at the restaurant was involved in inappropriate sexual conduct and workplace harassment.

Police reports show that the female workers said that the manager inappropriately touched various parts of their bodies. He also allegedly cursed at them and insulted them for not meeting his customer service standards. The manager is apparently still working at the restaurant, and he has not been formally charged as of yet.

Complaints have been filed against the manager with the state’s Equal Opportunity Commission. The owner of the restaurant was informed of the situation via an email message. He stated that his company stressed the importance of a safe working environment for all employees. He confirmed that the manager in question was still employed; however, he did not comment further on the ongoing investigation.

A company spokesperson stated that appropriate action had been taken. She went on to say that the women had wanted to cause trouble for that manager. However, the women who brought the lawsuit stated that they felt shocked, scared and disrespected by the manager while they were working for him.

Employees in Wisconsin have the right to a safe workplace that free from harassment or discrimination. If workers have experienced adverse treatment on the job, they should contact an experienced employment law attorney. A knowledgeable lawyer can help clients determine what legal recourse is available and assist in pursuing justice. 

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