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March 2018 Archives

Whistleblowing: Man received damages for lost future wages, grief

Employees in Wisconsin and elsewhere in the country have the protection to report a company's wrongdoings without the fear of losing their jobs. This so-called whistleblowing is protected by the Whistleblower Protection Act that was passed in 1989. A company in another state was required to pay a former employee for lost future earnings as well as an amount for the mental anguish he suffered when he was terminated from his job.

Business law advisors recommend employee handbooks

Owners of Wisconsin small businesses with few employees may feel it is superfluous to have an employee handbook. After all, the atmosphere is often less strict, and the employees have access to the owner if questions should arise. However, business advocates recommend that employers of even a single worker would reduce the potential for business law disputes by providing their employees with clear guidelines and expectations through an employee handbook.

Gender inequalities still contribute to workplace discrimination

The #MeToo movement rapidly spread near the end of 2017 after numerous allegations arose regarding sexual harassment in the workplace by some prominent figures in a variety of industries. However, before the surge of accusations associated with the movement came about, a survey was conducted about gender and the workforce. The results showed that workplace discrimination is still prevalent in Wisconsin and other areas around the nation.

Employment law: Restaurant manager accused of harassment

Restaurants in Wisconsin and all around the country are the workplaces for many employees. In these hectic working environments, employment law experts note there are certain to be conflicts and misunderstandings among the employees. However, some current and former workers of a restaurant in another state have a more serious situation at hand. They allege that a manager at the restaurant was involved in inappropriate sexual conduct and workplace harassment.

IT manager alleges university guilty of workplace discrimination

Employees at Wisconsin companies and other businesses around the country expect that they will be given adequate tools to accomplish their jobs. They need to be given access to necessary information and receive timely approvals to proceed with their duties. Employees may suspect that they are being discriminated against if they see patterns of withholding information or access. An information technology manager in another state has requested an investigation of her employer following assertions of workplace discrimination and harassment.

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