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CEO replacement report seems to indicate workplace discrimination

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2018 | Workplace Discrimination |

Many businesses in Wisconsin and all across the nation refer to a glass ceiling – an invisible barrier that prevents certain groups of people from advancing to the top organizational levels in the workplace. While any minority group may face this barrier, women have traditionally been the group synonymous with this form of workplace discrimination. Recently, an outplacement firm published a report on CEO replacements that confirmed the ongoing issue of gender gap in the country.

The firm reported that 18.4 percent of the new CEOs in 2017 were women. In 2016, the number was slightly higher at 18.5 percent. The company felt compelled to couch their findings around the gender gap issue due to the current allegations of sexual misconduct in the workplace. Leaders at the firm believed strongly that women should have the opportunity for upper-level management positions to ensure that they have a voice as policy changes occur at their companies.

Women have made progress in some industries. Over 70 of the managers are women in such areas as human resources, public relations, social work and health care. At the top level of companies, women make up about half of the new CEOs in the legal industry. Other industries making strides with women at the helm include government/nonprofits, education and construction companies. Experts argue that corporate cultures have to change in order to rectify the gender disparity at the upper echelons of business.

Being passed over for a promotion because of gender is just one form of workplace discrimination. If someone has experienced any type of discrimination on the job, it would be wise to contact a Wisconsin attorney familiar with employment law. A trusted lawyer can discuss the situation and determine the best course of legal action to take.

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