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What can you do if a complaint endangers your professional license?

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2023 | Employment Law |

Doctors, lawyers, nurses, real estate brokers, engineers, architects, pharmacists, electricians and a wide variety of other professions require professional licensure in the state of Wisconsin. Unfortunately, accusations of misconduct, incompetence, fraud or negligence could endanger that license and your career. What can you do if a complaint has been filed against you with the licensing board for your profession?

Be proactive in responding to the complaint.

When your career is at stake, you want to have as much time as possible to protect your professional license. Acting as soon as possible after someone files a complaint against you gives you more time to collect documents that illustrate your professionalism. The right representation could also help you identify ways to resolve the issue in the early stages of the investigation.

In some cases, your employer may threaten to file a complaint against your license or otherwise report you for abandonment, incompetence, or misconduct.  It is essential to be proactive at this point to avoid such reporting when possible. You’ll need an attorney experienced in working with licensing boards, the national Practitioner’s Data Bank, etc.

Uphold your licensing board’s requirements.

Each professional licensing board has its own procedure for investigating a complaint. Following this procedure is a vital way to protect your license. For example, you should keep track and comply with all deadlines and complete all required paperwork during the investigation process. But filing your own response could compromise your testimony at hearing, so contacting an experienced attorney in the licensure area may be the best course for your response.

Contact an experienced attorney.

Protecting your professional license is not a challenge you have to face alone. An attorney with experience in employment law matters can help you understand your options, navigate the disciplinary process and help try to limit the impact of a complaint on your career. They can also help you take proactive steps to prevent future issues.

Further, in some cases there is a range of potential outcomes and a proactive attorney may be able to obtain a compromise solution that allows you to continue your career, even if there is some disciplinary action or a period of monitoring.

By taking the proper precautions and seeking knowledgeable guidance, you can protect your professional license from the impact of a complaint and safeguard your future.