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January 2019 Archives

Crafting a noncompete agreement enforceable under employment law

Business owners spend months and years developing and growing their businesses, and they want to make sure that their interests are protected. Employee contracts are a good solution to these concerns as they generally provide important protections for both employers and their workers. A well-worded noncompete clause can also ensure that sensitive business interests are safeguarded. However, it is important to make sure that these agreements fall within the confines of Wisconsin employment law.

GM supervisors allege racial workplace discrimination

Racial discrimination in the workplace is illegal, and yet workers across the state of Wisconsin continue to face unfair working conditions because of something they have no control over -- the color of their skin. General Motors recently came under fire for allegedly allowing rampant workplace discrimination in at least one of its manufacturing plants. The nine black workers suing the company claim that they were subjected to ongoing acts of racial discrimination.

Former Blizzard employee describes workplace discrimination

Being mistreated in the workplace can involve so much more than losing out on important opportunities and promotions. While these actions have a tangible, economic impact that is extremely difficult for victims, many also suffer significant emotional damage from acts of workplace discrimination. When a worker in Wisconsin is adversely impacted by such actions, pursuing compensation might not only be helpful, it could also be necessary to realizing a full financial and emotional recovery.

Former male Disney employee claims workplace discrimination

Employers are prohibited from treating workers differently based on a number of factors -- including gender -- but that does not stop many bosses from doing so anyway. Across the state of Wisconsin, many workers are routinely subjected to workplace discrimination for things like their sex, age, race, religion and more. However, these workers are not alone, and they have options for seeking justice.

Making your nonprofit a tax-exempt organization

Nonprofit organizations perform many essential functions and services for disenfranchised individuals in Wisconsin. In order to better serve their communities, many nonprofits focus on achieving tax-exempt status, which allows them to operate without worry of shelling out their donated funds during tax season. However, to become tax-exempt, an organization must first qualify under one of five categories.

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