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February 2018 Archives

Why won't my former employer give me a reference?

If you left your last job in good standing, you are likely hoping to keep professional connections with that employer in the future. These become especially important if you decide to seek employment again. Having a former employer provide a reference can make a big difference in your ability to earn a new job.

City, police bureau faced with whistleblowing lawsuit

Employees in Wisconsin and elsewhere around the country are often asked to evaluate various work processes and procedures as part of their jobs. Their reports may include findings of inefficiencies and result in recommendations for improvements to the systems involved. However, an employee in another state claims he experienced discrimination after he identified a massive amount of waste in an IT system. He has filed a whistleblowing complaint, stating that his career has been threatened after he raised the issue of waste in the company.

Employment law: FMLA advocates want addition of paid leave

The Family and Medical Leave Act, or FMLA, was passed 25 years ago. This act had major implications in employment law for Wisconsin employees and others all across the nation. While the FMLA provides protection for workers when they must take off work for medical-related reasons, the time off they receive is unpaid. Many advocates believe that some level of paid leave is needed for workers.

CEO replacement report seems to indicate workplace discrimination

Many businesses in Wisconsin and all across the nation refer to a glass ceiling – an invisible barrier that prevents certain groups of people from advancing to the top organizational levels in the workplace. While any minority group may face this barrier, women have traditionally been the group synonymous with this form of workplace discrimination. Recently, an outplacement firm published a report on CEO replacements that confirmed the ongoing issue of gender gap in the country.

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