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January 2018 Archives

Improvements to whistleblowing legislation

Most employees in Wisconsin and elsewhere around the nation go to their jobs every day, expecting safe and ethical working environments. If they were to discover practices that violate that safety or ethics, they should be able to report the violations without fear of retaliation from their employers. Whistleblowing laws have been established to protect workers from such retaliation.  A lawmaker has recently introduced legislation that would increase protection for whistleblowers in another state.

Former college worker wins workplace discrimination suit

An out-of-state woman recently won a discrimination claim against her former employer in that jurisdiction, a local college. Her workplace discrimination lawsuit accused the college of engaging in discriminatory practices when hiring and paying senior administrators. She alleged that she was underpaid because of her age and gender, and that complaints about this ultimately led to her termination. Unfortunately, this type of retaliation still occurs in Wisconsin.

3 ways to deal with a stressful job

As a medical office administrator in Milwaukee, you pride yourself on your ability to stay cool and calm in the face of adversity. Your job requires you to multitask and meet tight deadlines while maintaining the highest standards. Though your employer pays you, it might not be enough to fairly compensate you for the high levels of stress that come with the position. 

Is your HR department the right place to lodge a complaint?

Let us say that at your place of work you are having issues with someone making unwelcome advances. This person is highly placed in the company, and you are afraid to say anything because she has the power to demote you, or even fire you.

Another plaintiff joins Google workplace discrimination suit

Tech-giant Google denies that it pays female employees less than their male peers, but it is currently facing strong opposition to this statement. Not only has the U.S. Department of Labor complained that Google has a gender-based pay gap, but it is also facing a class-action lawsuit that alleges the same. There are currently at least four plaintiffs in the workplace discrimination suit, and the outcome could have implications for workers across Wisconsin and the rest of the United States.

Whistleblowing costs man his job

Reporting improper behavior in the workplace can be stressful. Although Wisconsin workers likely hope that whistleblowing will help, most understand that doing the right thing can have consequences. Retaliation and even wrongful termination are not uncommon experiences for whistleblowers, but victims have options to pursue just compensation for their damages.

Is business law important when structuring my startup?

Starting a new business is an exciting venture for Wisconsin entrepreneurs. From developing products and services to designing a logo, the whole experience can be an exercise in creative strategy. However, many entrepreneurs fail to address an important aspect of their new venture in a timely manner -- their business structure. Understanding which structure will net the most benefits under business law is key to finding entrepreneurial success.

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