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October 2017 Archives

Class action suits against Menards alleging wage law violations

Here at Cross Law Firm, S.C., we represent workers in Wisconsin, Illinois and across the country in individual and class action lawsuits against employers that ignore federal and state wage-and-hour laws. Anyone wondering whether his or her employer follows the law regarding required overtime; pay for training and during breaks; requests for work off the clock; classification as a salaried versus hourly employee; treatment as an independent contractor instead of an employee; minimum wage; unreasonable shifts; and other similar issues should speak with an attorney to understand potential legal remedies. 

Workplace discrimination an issue in the technology industry

Many individuals in Wisconsin and elsewhere place a great deal of time and effort into pursuing employment within their preferred field. While hard work may generally pay off, in some cases, even the most qualified employee could be subjected to unfair treatment due to discrimination. Workplace discrimination is a serious issue for individuals in a variety of professions, perhaps none more so than in the technology industry.

5 Ways A Manager Might Be Retaliating Against You

If you have made a complaint at work related to Equal Employment Opportunity laws, you may be at risk for retaliation from your boss. A boss who fires an employee after that person has made an EEO complaint is an obvious form of retaliation. However, sometimes the retaliation is not as clear.

Think Before You Go To Human Resources With A Complaint

If you have a problem at work and decide to take action, most likely your first thought is to go to human resources. This is a natural inclination for most employees. But depending on the details of your situation, it is not always a wise decision. In fact, it could end up hurting you in the long run.

Problems At Work? Here's Why You Shouldn't Quit Yet

It's another work day. If you are unhappy at your job, just the thought of it most likely fills you with dread. Then a quick look at your calendar shows you also have a meeting with your boss today. The level of dread multiplies, and once again, you find yourself thinking about quitting.

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