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Is whistleblowing protected by law?

Companies and businesses must never retaliate against employees who acted as whistleblowers. Even if a person's complaints feel untrue and a business is eager to set the record straight, there are very specific protections for whistleblowing. Wisconsin whistleblowers who were wrongfully fired or otherwise retaliated against may choose to bring lawsuits against their employers, both current and former.

Fiat Chrysler hit with whistleblowing retaliation suit

Being caught between helping an employer and doing what is right can be an extremely precarious position. When a worker in Wisconsin decides to come forward about misconduct or even illegal workplace behavior, they have to put a lot on the line. This is why there are supposed to be measures in place that protect those who engage in whistleblowing, but those protections sometimes fall short.

Tesla accused of mishandling whistleblowing incident

Tesla is perhaps most well-known among Wisconsin car and environmental enthusiasts for its work on electric vehicles. Unfortunately, former employees claim that the company relied on paranoia and intimidation to keep employees quiet about various workplace violations. Multiple people have come forward despite CEO Elon Musk's insistence that the whistleblowing painted an inaccurate picture of his company.

Are there any protections for whistleblowing?

Those who take a stand by reporting their employer's legal violations are putting a lot on the line. Although it is not legal to do so, many employers retaliate against whistleblowers, even going so far as to fire them. For those who have been wrongly fired for whistleblowing, consider the following.

Whistleblowing led to heavy fines for false claims

Blowing the whistle on illegal or unsavory business practices at a person's place of work is a risky endeavor. An individual might lose his or her job and face other serious forms of retaliation that can make it difficult to maintain meaningful employment in the future. However, whistleblowing in Wisconsin is not all downsides with no benefits. Not only does the False Claims Act give whistleblowers a small portion of any fines leveraged against companies, but victims of retaliation can also take legal action. 

Purloined Evidence and the Health Care Whistleblower

Health care whistleblowers must walk a fine line in determining which materials can be taken from an employer as evidence of False Claim Act qui tam claims. Guest authors Stacy Gerber Ward and Nola Hitchcock Cross of the State Bar of Wisconsin Health Law Section discuss guidelines governing the relationship between a health care provider and employees who are potential whistleblowers. 

SEC considers limiting whistleblowing payouts

Wisconsin employees who risk their employment, reputation and financial security to raise the alarm on wrongful or discriminatory business practices do so for one reason -- it is the right thing to do. Unfortunately, doing the right thing does not pay the bills, and many whistleblowers seek compensation for their injustices. But payouts for successful securities fraud whistleblowing from one entity could soon be much less than in the past.

Worker's whistleblowing leads to alleged wrongful termination

Whistleblowers play a critical role in the safety and well-being of countless people's lives in Wisconsin. Without these brave men and women, corporate misdoings would continue, putting the financial and safety well-being of residents in jeopardy. Unfortunately, many workers who engaged in whistleblowing also face unfair and illegal retaliation as a result of their actions.

Professor in whistleblowing case to learn if she will keep job

Sexual harassment in the workplace is in the news often lately, with several incidents reported in the entertainment industry as well as various levels of government. In addition, the educational sector is not immune to allegations of sexual abuse. A situation involving whistleblowing after reporting alleged sexual harassment at the University of Wisconsin at Platteville should soon be resolved.

Women not the only victim of workplace discrimination

The recent #MeToo movement has brought many stories of sexual harassment in the workplace to light. Women in Wisconsin and all across the country have shared their experiences of sexual misconduct throughout all industries. However, statistics show that women are not the only victims of this type of workplace discrimination. In fact, men have been victims as well.

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