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How do unions benefit employees?

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2023 | Employment Law |

When employees work together to bring their concerns to their employer through collective bargaining, their membership in the Union has the potential to benefit in many ways. How can joining a Union benefit employees?

Dignity, Respect, and Fair Play

By far the most important benefits Unions provide are dignity, respect, and fair play by management.  Employees frequently complain about arbitrary conduct by employers.  Many employees believe that they do not need a Union if they are a good performer – until they are shocked to learn they are the target of hostility or arbitrary adverse actions. Blue collar and professionals alike appreciate the benefits of Unions and Professional Organizations.

Increased Morale and Decreased Turnover

Even when an employer fights hard against a Union election, after the dust settles, management often remarks that bringing the Union in substantially increased morale and significantly decreased turnover. This is because employees value the dignity, respect, and fair play that results from Union organization and a united workforce.

But what about tangible benefits?

Unions cannot guarantee results.  Improvements in compensation, hours, and working conditions come through collective bargaining Because Unions fight for the interests of workers, unionized workers often see many different benefits in the workplace. The benefits of unionization include:

  • End of favoritism and arbitrary management actions
  • End of retaliation for voicing grievances
  • Higher compensation, including for less desirable hours, overtime, etc.
  • Greater insurance coverage
  • More paid leave
  • Higher likelihood of having a pension plan and improved benefits from that pension plan
  • Higher standards for workplace safety
  • Just cause & due process for any adverse employment action
  • More notice for schedule changes
  • Announcement of promotional opportunities
  • All other areas of wages, hours, and working conditions

Fighting for fairness in the workplace

Many workplace issues involve one core issue: unfair treatment. Workers may find themselves shuffled into arbitration when they have a complaint. They may face the struggle of fighting for fair pay for their work. Issues may go uninvestigated. They may be afraid that making a complaint will lead to retaliation. Without a Union, they may find themselves facing this unfair treatment alone.

Because a Union brings together many different employees, union membership ensures that workers do not have to fight for fair treatment alone. Unions can provide support that helps employees, including professionals, push for better complaint resolution and workplace conditions. This can ensure that their employer addresses their complaints and that they receive the support they deserve.

If you are interested in exploring Union organization at your place of work, experienced Union legal counsel, such as at Cross Law Firm, can assist you through the process of organizing, collective bargaining negotiations, and contract enforcement to ensure a better working experience.