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Understanding your employment rights as a veteran

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2020 | Workplace Discrimination |

Military service members sacrifice much in the line of duty – the comforts of home, proximity to their loved ones and countless day-to-day luxuries that non-service members often take for granted. Indeed, your life itself may be on the line.

Despite the rigors and challenges of military life, the transition back to civilian life can be just as tough. Pivoting your military training to the civilian sector is no easy task. The last thing you need to face is discrimination, harassment or limited opportunities on account of your status as a veteran.

Veteran protections under federal law

Fortunately, the law provides important employment rights for veterans. At the federal level, these laws include:

Some states have additional protections for service members and veterans.

Other grounds for protection

Veterans and service members are entitled to the same employment protections as civilians. For example, if you’re a disabled veteran, you have the same rights as a civilian under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Likewise, if you experience discrimination on grounds of race, religion, sexual orientation or other protected status, you may have an employment discrimination claim under Title VII (and applicable state law).

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