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Woman reaches settlement for workplace discrimination

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2019 | Workplace Discrimination |

Many Wisconsin workers fear reporting instances of discrimination and harassment out of fear that they will face retaliation for their actions. This became the reality for an out-of-state former prison guard who reported on-the-job sexual harassment. After filing suits over the resulting workplace discrimination, she managed to reach settlements on both of her claims.

The problems for the woman started back in 2011. She claims that her supervisors at the penitentiary where she worked did not take any actions against inappropriate behavior from both her co-workers and the inmates. According to her suit, they actively allowed the sexual harassment to continue despite her objections.

She filed her first suit against the state for the ongoing sexual harassment in 2012. The state initially appealed this claim, but in Feb. 2019 she finally received a $1.65 million settlement. She filed her second lawsuit in 2015, in which she detailed instances of retaliation upon her return to work. She recently reached a settlement with the state of $2.3 million, which is pending approval from the State Appeal Board.

Workplace discrimination, sexual harassment and retaliation leave victims with enormous emotional scars. This can make dealing with the loss of income when these actions lead to wrongful termination even more difficult. Wisconsin workers who have been the victim of discrimination and retaliation may want to consider whether pursuing legal action is appropriate for their situation. This can be a difficult decision to tackle on one’s own, so working with an attorney who is experienced in workplace discrimination can help victims make the best decisions possible regarding their own unique experiences.