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Ways to address stressing out at work

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

People spend a large part of their lives at their places of employment. As such, employees’ work environment can play a strong role in their overall health and stress levels.

Different factors can lead to stress at work. In some cases, the job in itself can create a stressful situation, while other stressors can be unnecessarily triggered. Thankfully, employees may avoid or address stress in the workplace by first identifying the stressors.

The environment

In many cases, the work environment itself can lead to stress or add to other stressors. For example, working in an industrial workplace heightens an employee’s chances of injury, which can create stress within the subconscious of some individuals. In other situations, the florescent lights may be agitating, or a noise level can be distracting to an employee, causing it to be difficult to focus. In such instances, utilizing safety materials, special glasses or earplugs could be beneficial.

The management

Unfortunately, some managers do not rise to the challenge of being a proper leader, which can increase employee dissatisfaction and lead to stress. Some managers may be overbearing, while others may not offer support at all. Addressing such issues may not be an easy fix. However, simply understanding the manager’s actions as a trigger and putting personal measures in place to deal with it can help to decrease the level of stress. Employees may also consider pursue higher education or training to obtain management positions or move to another career field.


There are some instances where the triggers are external rather than internal, and therefore need an external solution. Particularly in situations such as workplace bullying or discrimination, it is necessary to report the issue to the proper parties. It is the business’s responsibility to provide employees with a safe and fair workplace. As such, employees should be able to seek relief through their employer. If an employer does not address the situation properly, it may be time to consider pursuing a lawsuit.

As with any issues, identifying and addressing the root of the problem is key to reaching an appropriate solution. Consider if these stressors may be the root of your issue.