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Teacher pursues lawsuit for employment law violation

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2019 | Employment Law |

Wisconsin teachers generally go into the profession because of a passion for children and teaching. Few would expect to be penalized for having a child of their own, but one out-of-state teacher claims this is exactly what happened to her. In a wrongful termination suit, she claims that her former boss violated employment law.

The woman taught at a private Catholic school when she became pregnant. Apparently eager to be upfront with her employer, she spoke with her principal to inform her of the pregnancy. The teacher claims that she told the principal that she and her boyfriend had timed the pregnancy so that she would give birth during the summer break and thus not have to take any time off from work. Rather than be pleased, the principal supposedly told the woman that her pregnancy was an issue.

The problem allegedly stemmed from the teacher’s marital status. Although she and her boyfriend planned to tie the knot at some point, they had no intentions of doing so before the birth of their child. According to the teacher’s suit, the principal threatened to fire her if she did not marry soon. She was ultimately let go from her position, a decision which her suit says was done without consulting the Board of Education.

Wisconsin workers who have been wrongfully terminated understand just how devastating the aftermath can be. Victims are often caught off-guard by the decision and must deal with lost wages and other financial damages. Although it can feel overwhelming at first, successfully pursued wrongful termination suits not only achieve compensation for victims, they also hold companies responsible for employment law violations.