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December 2018 Archives

Sexual harassment victims often face retaliation, termination

Sexual harassment in the workplace can take on any number of different forms, but if you are like many other victims of this type of behavior, you may have decided not to report it. Maybe you had fears about how your supervisors and colleagues would react to your accusations, or maybe you grew concerned people would not believe you.

Pregnant doctors deal with workplace discrimination

Women often experience various challenges in the workplace, sometimes including discrimination because of pregnancy. Despite the fact that doctors are some of the highest earners, female practitioners sometimes face complications due to workplace discrimination simply because they are mothers. In Wisconsin and elsewhere, the mistreatment of women in the workplace is unacceptable in any form and for any reason, and in the medical field, this could impact the quality of patient care. 

Patient outcomes harmed by workplace discrimination

Wisconsin patients rely on medical professionals to provide the best possible care, but some on-the-job issues could make fulfilling that expectation problematic for some women. Physicians who are also mothers report increased instances of workplace discrimination because of the fact that they have children. According to female physicians, the very act of becoming a mother limits their opportunities for advancements and leaves them with lower average salaries than those of their peers.

Are there any protections for whistleblowing?

Those who take a stand by reporting their employer's legal violations are putting a lot on the line. Although it is not legal to do so, many employers retaliate against whistleblowers, even going so far as to fire them. For those who have been wrongly fired for whistleblowing, consider the following.

Chemistry professor files workplace discrimination suit

Although most people pursue careers in science and higher education because of a deep passion for the subject rather than the potential earnings, income still matters. Unfortunately, when it comes to careers in academia and the sciences, some Wisconsin women may still be missing out when it comes to earnings. An out-of-state university recently came under fire in a workplace discrimination lawsuit that accused the institution of engaging in allegedly discriminatory compensation practices.

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