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November 2018 Archives

Employment law: Google, Facebook unfriend mandatory arbitration

Employment disputes can be time-consuming and costly, something that many Wisconsin companies want to avoid. Because of this, forced arbitration has long been a part of how businesses deal with employment law issues. Now, some tech giants are leading the way in getting rid of arbitration, making it easier for employees to not only bring forth serious issues, but to also receive necessary recourse.

Former sheriff's deputy settles workplace discrimination suit

Wisconsin residents should be able to go to work without worrying about on-the-job harassment. Sadly, many men and women are still subjected to unjust workplace discrimination each and every day. An out-of-state man recently settled a discrimination suit for what he described as years of racial bias at his place of work -- a sheriff's department.

Riot Games named in workplace discrimination suit

Riot Games, publisher of the popular League of Legends, was recently named in a lawsuit filed by both a current and former employee. The workplace discrimination suit accuses the company of treating its male employees in a preferable manner, and comes several months after a journalistic investigation into claims of sexist behavior at the company. Wisconsin fans of the gaming company might be interested to learn more about the claims behind this suit.

Workplace discrimination is harming pregnant women

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act is supposed to protect female employees in their place of work. Unfortunately, recent reports show that these protections often fall far short of where they should be. Many Wisconsin employers could not only be engaged in workplace discrimination, but it could also be putting the health of their pregnant workers at risk.

Diffusing small business law disputes

As a small business owner in Wisconsin, protecting yourself and your business interests during litigation is important. In some instances, litigation may not even be the necessary consequence of a dispute. Whether you need to prevent impending litigation by diffusing a dispute or are currently in the throws of complicated legal actions, you need someone who is experienced in small business law on your side.

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