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October 2018 Archives

Workplace privacy under employment law

Wisconsin residents have a reasonable right to privacy in their personal lives, which is established by and respected under the law. At work, however, there are far fewer privacy protections. Still, less protection does not mean none, so it is still possible for an employer to violate employment law by violating a worker's privacy. 

What to avoid if you are experiencing discrimination at work

If you are experiencing discrimination at work, you may feel helpless about how to proceed. Should you simply try to ignore the discriminatory behavior and actions to move forward in your work without rocking the boat? Should you alert your company's human resources department to the issue? Should you quit your job?

Fast food company must pay thousands for employment law violation

A group of out-of-state fast food workers are set to receive thousands of dollars of unpaid wages. The decision comes after an investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor determined that the company underpaid its workers. While this particular issue took place in a different state, these types of employment law violations are sadly not uncommon in Wisconsin. 

Does small business law deal with contracts?

Entrepreneurs embarking on their first startup experience might expect to spend more time on the creative aspect of their businesses and less on the nitty-gritty legal side of things. However, any time that a person starts a business in Wisconsin he or she will need to deal important issues pertaining to small business law. This includes writing comprehensive and enforceable contracts. 

Wisconsin woman claims workplace discrimination from Walmart

A Wisconsin woman's experience was apparently the springboard for a recent lawsuit filed against Walmart. Filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the suit claims that the company engaged in workplace discrimination against its pregnant employees. The company has denied the claims, citing its accommodation policies. 

3 subtle forms of workplace retaliation

When you think of retaliation in the workplace, you may assume it is an obvious and immediate action. For example, you may think of an employee reporting an unsafe working condition and then receiving threats of termination. Another example is an employee reporting sexual harassment and getting subsequently fired. 

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