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September 2018 Archives

Are targeted ads a form of workplace discrimination?

Gender discrimination in the workplace is a real and ongoing issue, but what about the women who never have the chance to break into certain careers in the first place? Although workplace discrimination in regard to advertising open positions was once thought to be a thing of the past, new technology is causing a comeback. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, American Civil Liberties Union and other agencies are currently pursuing lawsuits against Facebook and other companies for allowing targeted job advertisements that exclude large segments of the population in Wisconsin. 

Whistleblowing led to heavy fines for false claims

Blowing the whistle on illegal or unsavory business practices at a person's place of work is a risky endeavor. An individual might lose his or her job and face other serious forms of retaliation that can make it difficult to maintain meaningful employment in the future. However, whistleblowing in Wisconsin is not all downsides with no benefits. Not only does the False Claims Act give whistleblowers a small portion of any fines leveraged against companies, but victims of retaliation can also take legal action. 

Victim awarded millions in workplace discrimination suit

Reporting discrimination in the workplace can be a risky decision. For some, the company may take action to end discriminatory behavior and matters might improve. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Many victims of workplace discrimination in Wisconsin experience increased hostility and retaliation after submitting complaints. 

Employment law: Disney set to increase worker wages

What constitutes a living wage can be a complicated matter. A certain minimum wage might be sufficient for workers in one part of Wisconsin, while workers in other areas might struggle when earning a similar pay. A group of out-of-state workers recently negotiated a higher minimum wage for low-level employees, and those earning more than the minimum will see their pay go up as well. The outcome from these types of employment law matters can sometimes affect workers in other states, especially if they are employed in the same industry. 

Are you aware of these forms of workplace discrimination?

When you think of workplace discrimination, the first place your mind probably goes to is an inappropriate situation regarding someone's gender, race or disability. These areas tend to be very common, are usually easy to recognize and receive lots of media attention. Discrimination laws cover other protected classes, as well, such as age, religion and nationality.

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