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August 2018 Archives

Purloined Evidence and the Health Care Whistleblower

Health care whistleblowers must walk a fine line in determining which materials can be taken from an employer as evidence of False Claim Act qui tam claims. Guest authors Stacy Gerber Ward and Nola Hitchcock Cross of the State Bar of Wisconsin Health Law Section discuss guidelines governing the relationship between a health care provider and employees who are potential whistleblowers. 

Should employment law rein in noncompete clauses

Noncompetition agreements -- also called noncompete clauses -- are common features of employee contracts in Wisconsin. However, just because they are common in employment law does not always mean that they are necessary or right. One state recently made significant steps towards protecting workers from overly restrictive clauses that prevent them from finding meaningful employment in the future. 

Small business law is complicated -- we make it easier

There are few things in life more satisfying than starting your own business. Unfortunately, there are also few things that are more complicated. From the initial idea to business formation and contracts, suddenly every decision is on your shoulders. Like most business owners in Wisconsin, you probably realize you need help navigating the world of small business law.

Older workers frequent victims of workplace discrimination

With age comes wisdom, but not necessarily job security. Despite years of skills and experience, workers older than 45 years old still face rampant workplace discrimination in Wisconsin. This is true not only employed workers but also for the unemployed who are seeking work. 

Filing a discrimination charge with the EEOC

When employees suspect that a supervisor is discriminating against them based on age, gender, race, religion or some other protected classification, they have the right to address the issue. If you find yourself in a situation such as this, you should first determine your employer's policies and procedures and follow the guidelines for reporting the behavior. 

School fined for employment law violation

Wisconsin teenagers are important members of the local workforce. These young boys and girls often fill low-paid, less desired positions that older, more skilled workers are less likely to seek out. Unfortunately, some companies use the fact that teenagers are typically less experienced and knowledgeable about their rights to have them work unpaid overtime, violating employment law. An out-of-state school was recently hit with $47,578 in fines and ordered to shell out $635,269 in unpaid overtime. 

A few things to keep in mind on social media and job hunting

If you are currently looking for your next gig, second job or a career change in Milwaukee, you might want to be a little careful about what you post on social media. Though your account may be set to private or you don’t share things all too often, employers are paying attention and using what they find to influence their hiring decisions. 

Disney named in workplace discrimination suit

For most people in Wisconsin, Disney brings to mind childhood memories of movies and theme park rides. Unfortunately, not everyone has such cheery memories. A former employee recently filed a workplace discrimination lawsuit, claiming that the company engaged in gender bias during her pregnancy. 

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