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July 2018 Archives

Court rules In-N-Out Burger violated federal employment law

Dress codes in the workplace are nothing new, with most Wisconsin employees having to abide by some kind of dress policy while on the job. However, can employers go too far when enforcing these polices and end up violating employment law? According to the outcome of a recent case, yes they can.

What to do if you suspect retaliation

You have done the right thing and reported an employer's legal or safety violations. Or perhaps you exercised your legal rights and filed a complaint for discrimination or other illegal workplace conduct. Now, however, you are concerned that you might face pushback from bosses who are unhappy with what you did.

Workplace discrimination suit alleges museum acted improperly

Having a child is a joyful experience for most Wisconsin parents. Unfortunately, treatment in the workplace can overshadow this joyful occasion for some women. An out-of-state mother claims that she was the victim of workplace discrimination when a potential employer rescinded an offer of employment upon learning that she had recently had a child.

Does my dispute fall under business law?

Nothing can derail your output and efficiency quite like a business dispute. If the dispute drags on for too long or is serious enough, it might even lead to litigation, which can be costly and time consuming for Wisconsin professionals. When dealing with this type of issue, understanding how business law applies is important for achieving the most favorable outcome possible.

SEC considers limiting whistleblowing payouts

Wisconsin employees who risk their employment, reputation and financial security to raise the alarm on wrongful or discriminatory business practices do so for one reason -- it is the right thing to do. Unfortunately, doing the right thing does not pay the bills, and many whistleblowers seek compensation for their injustices. But payouts for successful securities fraud whistleblowing from one entity could soon be much less than in the past.

What is constructive discharge?

Quitting your job can make it much harder for you to pursue an employment discrimination or retaliation claim. Dealing with these issues at work can involve a lot of unpleasantness. However, consulting with an attorney before taking any definitive steps can help you protect your claim effectively.

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