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June 2018 Archives

Trouble brewing for Starbucks in workplace discrimination claims

With age comes wisdom, but many Wisconsin employers refuse to see it that way. Treating employees differently based on their age is such an entrenched practice that some employers fail to even view their behavior as discriminatory. For major corporations such as Starbucks, workplace discrimination against older employees appears to almost be its culture.

Does forced arbitration have a place in employment law?

The new-hire process is different for every job, but most have at least one thing in common -- paperwork. Wisconsin residents usually must sign documents on topics ranging from dress code to employee conduct when starting a new job, and most do not think twice about doing so. After all, refusing to do so could lead to the offer being rescinded. However, a group of young law students think that this aspect of employment law needs updating.

Employment law: Should I bother with a noncompete agreement?

Noncompete agreements are fairly standard in most Wisconsin businesses, but there are still holdouts. Some employers feel worried that potential employees will feel put off by signing a contract that contains a noncompete clause, while others do not fully understand the benefits. Under employment law, noncompete agreements are easy to use and quite effective at protecting important insider information of your business.

What does employment law say about my overtime pay?

Working full time is already a considerable commitment from any employee, especially for people who have families or other obligations, such as school. When employers ask workers to stay for more than the standard 40 hours per week, it is important that they are fairly compensated for their time. However, rather than an individual assuming that he or she is owed overtime pay, it is important to understand how current employment law applies.

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