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April 2018 Archives

Employment law: Negotiating severance package can be challenging

Whenever the economy is uncertain, some struggling businesses in Wisconsin might consider letting some of the staff go. In many cases, the first ones to be offered severance packages are the older workers. The shock of losing a job in a career they have built over many years might cause workers to focus on their misfortune rather than securing the best possible severance package in compliance with employment law.

Workplace discrimination suit following family leave dispute

The average Wisconsin resident spends years developing his or her career. In addition to this endeavor, this same resident often works hard to maintain a family. Finding a balance between the two can be tricky; however, most are able to do so and the result is a well-rounded employee. However, when the employer stands in the way of the employee being able to do both, a case of workplace discrimination may exist.

Women not the only victim of workplace discrimination

The recent #MeToo movement has brought many stories of sexual harassment in the workplace to light. Women in Wisconsin and all across the country have shared their experiences of sexual misconduct throughout all industries. However, statistics show that women are not the only victims of this type of workplace discrimination. In fact, men have been victims as well.

Types of retaliation that may not be obvious

It is important for all employees to understand that they do not have to put up with retaliation in the workplace after bringing discrimination to the attention of the employer. Workers generally have plenty of rights they can exercise if they feel they received retaliatory unfair treatment

Suit claims Senator's aide was allegedly fired for whistleblowing

In Wisconsin and across the United States, whistleblower laws exist to protect employees from retaliation for speaking up when they witness inappropriate or illegal activities in the workplace.  Whistleblower is a term that is often used to describe a person who reports such activity in the workplace. Recently, a lawsuit was filed by a former aide to Senator Tony Mendoza after she was allegedly fired in retaliation for whistleblowing about his misconduct.

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